Thursday, January 7, 2010



Our last stop is England. Boo hoo. It is great to catch up with Beth again and see where she will be living. We also caught up with Tj and Jess and went to a great dumpling place. Have been trying to fit in as many galleries as we possibly can. I think the best was probably the Anish Kapoor exhibition. We also went to Camden markets! The coolest markets i have ever been to. Spent nearly a whole day there. Found the most delicious vegie burgers in the world!

The Lake District

Spent the weekend in the Lake District exploring and continuing to be English. We had tea and crumpets and hot chocolate and scones in the afternoons, we got rained on while strolling around the incredible landscape around the Lakes and we caught up with old friends.


After accidently missing our flight to Scottland, we greatfully made our way to Brighton to stay with some friends; Sophie, Steven, Felix and Oscar. We had do much fun being English, had a pub lunch, fish and chips on the peer, and "went out and about" with Sophie and her beautiful family. Brighton is such a cool place, especially all the yummy sweet shops.mmmmmm

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


We went to see some history museums, and memorials which were very sad so weeeee went to the Zoo!we he he he ha. It was lubely to see all the baby animals. Had a fab time in Berlin and ate a lot of great food... will deffo be going back there.


Reunited with Batchy in Berlin at the best hostel we have stayed in! Hung out with our hostel man, Ralph. Berlin is a city full of energy and art, over 300 galleries! Found TJ and Jess and made some great friends in the hostel, Xavier and Frayer. Went on a lame "alternative tour" to see street art and explored the city. Made a delicious dinner and got a little roudy with our new friends. 

Prague again

Had another incredible day seeing as many sites as we could fit in. Went to one of the best galleries we have seen yet. Such a great collection, so much awesome in one space! Both Ben and i found the best suited artwork to our personalities. Next Ben found his ultimate sausage (blood sausage) and we haven't even been to Germany yet! Then in the evening we went to see DRACULA the musical! It was sensational, even though we couldn't understand the singing we were blown away. WE LOVE PRAGUE!